Well, hasn’t it been a while!

To call this blog “unused” would be being too kind. To put it politely, I’ve severely neglected this blog, and I regret that quite a bit. I started this page to enjoy myself, to explore my thoughts and feelings in a way that felt useful, but without grandstanding to my friends. So, a short update!

20 things I did in 2017:

  1. Bought an Apple Watch
  2. Got the iPhone 7plus
  3. Realised how much of an Apple junkie I am
  4. Changed jobs to a way more fulfilling job in youth mental health
  5. Gained a stone
  6. Lost it again
  7. Bought a house with James
  8. Celebrated my 3 year anniversary with James
  9. Met my Dad’s girlfriend again (only twice so far)
  10. Had my neighbour threaten to kill me with an axe/hang me
  11. Made an amazing new friend
  12. Started and stopped using sunbeds
  13. Spent a small fortune on cute stuff for the ‘new’ house
  14. Paid off my credit cards
  15. Re-built up my credit cards
  16. Regained confidence in my shape and size
  17. Cleared out my wardrobe
  18. Had an even bigger Christmas tree
  19. Hosted Christmas for the first time ever
  20. Started 2018 with James

I feel like some of these things deserve their own post (Christmas, the death threat!, the wardrobe clearout), but to put it mildly, 2017 was (to quote Kylie Jenner) a year of realising things. I realised that I could enjoy doing my makeup and hair and nails, and that ‘despite’ that I was still allowed to love myself. I realised that I was more capable than I thought I was, and that if I was allowed to plan things, even something supposedly stressful (Christmas lunch) was something I could (genuinely) breeze through. I realised that I need to give myself more credit at work and at home, and that if I wasn’t happy with the way something was, I needed to be willing to raise that with the relevant people otherwise I would end up collapsing in anger or tears. I realised that I need to ask more of people instead of trying to do everything myself, because then I am less bitter, and they are more appreciative. And, I realised that I really am growing up.