Just call me a photographer…

So, I’ve had some awesome news!

JoJo gave me a call on Friday and said that she had been asked to come and review a bike on a track day at Oulton Park on 25th February, and she was wondering if I would like to come with her and do her photos! Which, obviously, I do. She then upped the ante with saying she wants to road test it too on the Friday, which I said yes to as well!

So, Friday 24th February 2017, I will officially be designated a photographer (I even set up a Facebook page for myself so I’d have somewhere to post the photos!) for her and get to follow her around taking photos of her gorgeous face, and the gorgeous motorbike too!

I am incredibly excited because this isn’t something I’ve ever done before, and it’s not something I truly know how to do (still learning to use the damn camera!), but it’s a couple of days away with a really good friend, and I’m absolutely SO excited for it!

Photos like this, but I’ll have a decent camera and a telescopic lens!